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:: L'Atelier de Jour du Parc Guy-Weber est ferm du 31 juillet au 17 aot 2015 :: LOCATION DE VELOS : http://lesvelosdelavenuev.wix.com/velosdelavenueverte :: LOCATION DE VELOS : 06-22-99-23-42 ::
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une relation entre le monde extérieur
et des personnes en situation de handicap

The Park "Guy Weber" gives the opportunity to disabled people looking after a natural area to exchange with the ordinary persons.

The involvement of participants in landscaping and running the park is strong because it's based on passion, on voluntarism, and in the meantime on discovering the nature and especially on the personality of each person.

The educative team includes 4 people, this team proposes a large range of activities serving to valorise skills of everyone and help participants to make progress. These activities are stressed on:

- Work : valorising the individual person, give them responsibility, bringing them respect of rules, learning

- Developing the relationship with the world

- Developing the expression : communication, all the different kind of expressions.

The main aim is the socialisation.