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With a total area of 3.5 ha (7 acres) it was created in feb 2001.

We signed an agreement on management with the G.O.N (Norman Ornithological Group), that gives us advice on the way of maintaining or even amelierating the ecological potential of the reserve.

bird reserve 2
bird reserve 1

reserve 3
All in all the number of watched species has increased.

The strong points of this reserve are:

 - the proximity of water (pond, river "la Béthune")

 - the old hedge along one side of the reserve

 - the once a year mowing (in August or September) after the birth and feeling of young birds.

This extensive maintenance permits the vegetation to provide "board and podging" to species nesting on the ground (like the marsh warbler) or grain-eating (like the elegant goldfinch). The meadow shelters many insects too, feed for insectivorous species.

To make the site more welcoming we put some Feedboxes.

N.B. : Feedboxes for tits for sale at reception.
In the first three years 78 species have been watched but not at the same time of the year because there are 4 kinds of birds:

 - the winter birds coming from Northern countries and staying here only in winter, leave in spring (for example: the winter teal)

 - the nesting birds that reproduce in our latitudes but migrate to the south in winter (starlings, Turkish turtledoves...)

 - sedentary birds remaining all the year (wagtails...)

 - passing birds, remaining for a short time (sand martins...)