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meadow in flower 1 meadow in flower 2 Before the works it was only graminae used for haymaking or posture.

As it is he longer treated the flora varies a lot and there are now typical wet meadow plants (cuckooflowers, buttercups...)
meadow in flower 3 The maintenance of the meadow depends on the vegetation and on the site:
Either we mow the medow 4 or 5 times a year on places where there are thistles that could drop off the bunch and invade the park. Moreover it favours spontaneous seedlings of other plants once the mown grass has been removed. Or the over part of the meadow is cut once a year at the end of the summer in order for plants to run to seeds and to resow. The grass is taken away to impoverish the soil, which favous the flora diversity (rich soil make hardy plants develop and setting the environment stopping other plants from resisting or competing). The meadow is a strong point of the ecological potential in the park since it shelters many insects, small mammals, rodents, batrachians... all possible preys for bigger animals (buzzards, owls, herons...).