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Created in 2002, it includes 180 low stem apples trees. We are cultivating sixty varieties. Most of them are local and/or old. The half of the tree have been grafted in March 2004. The second half in March 2005. Grafting is a necessary operation to be sure of the variety of future fruits. It consists in the assemblage of two different trees. On the first one (the stock) only the roots and a part of the trunk are help. On the second, a branch (or only a bu) of the year are taken. orchard 1  orchard 2
orchard 3  orchard 4 The properly grafting is the action of assembling the two parts together. When the graft is developped a new entive plant is trained. Its fruits will be identical to those from the tree where the graft has been collected.

Our orchard is at one and the some time conservatory and experimental. A rustic hedge composed of trees and shrubs has been planted, the adjacent meadow is kept as a fallow land and, between the trees, we shall put flowers in the comming years.
The purpose is to create a favourable habitat for some insects who don't attack the apple trees. The mission of the insects is to maintain enaugh food for the development of other auxiliary insects who will eat there from the meadow and apple trees. This method prevents from using insecticides.